Jamie Zimmerman EMCEE, Meditation Medicine

Jamie Zimmerman, M.D. is a physician, meditation teacher and author who lectures internationally on“meditation medicine” and living with purpose at corporations, schools, hospitals, and conferences. Her voice has been featured on ABC.com, Yahoo News, MindBodyGreen, Yoga Journal, and The Huffington Post Live. A meditator since age 16, Jamie has had the privilege of studying with many of today’s leading instructors, and offers guided meditations at www.jamiezmd.com.

She is currently launching a digital series called "Make Your Passion Your Paycheck" (www.passionpaycheck.com), where she interviews people living their calling. The first interview, with Deepak Chopra, will be released on September 21st.

Passionate about global health, Jamie has lived and worked around the globe—from Belize, Haiti and the Thai/Burma border to Congolese refugee camps and the Amazon rainforest. She believes that healing—on the individual and global level—happens from the inside out. In this vein, she recently organized and hosted a “Unite for Peace” event with bestselling author Marianne Williamson in New York City.

As a teenager, Jamie performed on such shows as 7th Heaven, Boston Public and The Practice. Jamie now combines her backgrounds in television, meditation, and medicine as a health journalist and mindfulness maven at ABC National News in New York, where she’s teaching many of her colleagues to meditate. Outside of work, she loves spending time in nature, exploring museums, yoga classes, cafes, and outdoor concerts with friends. Please keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook.