Jacqueline Akinyi McMenamin Author and Coach

Jacqueline Akinyi McMenamin believes that when people choose to bring themselves to work AND are allowed to bring themselves to work, the possibilities for innovation and creativity are infinite. Jacqueline’s area of expertise is Organisational Effectiveness, focusing on Team dynamics and leadership development. Her passion is to support and collaborate with individuals and teams to maximise the use of their unique talents to creatively achieve business goals and personal growth. Jacqueline currently works at Shell International and is also pursuing a MA in Spiritual Psychology at USM.

Her interest, as a leader and a teacher, is to inspire others to own their talents/gifts and share them with the world, all from a place of compassion and acceptance. As a new mum to Emmanuel, Jacqueline enjoys rediscovering the world in partnership with her husband, James. Jacqueline has had the opportunity to live in a range of different countries including Kenya, US, Canada, and the UK.